fit for News

fit for News

interactive online self-assessment and landing page

Releaseend 2020
TechnologiesHTML5, Sass, TypeScript, React, Wordpress

The European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research (EIJC) is an advocate for freedom of press, freedom of speech and independent journalism. The project aims to teach how news can be verified and how to identify fake news. Users should be able to educate themselves with an online self-assessment. The application is flexible and can be used for any future topics.

My role

To meet the requirements I developed a reusable, modular WordPress plugin using React, which makes creating courses a breeze. Learning units can be created with multiple slides and interactive content like videos, audio or different types of tests. On the frontend a one-page application, also built with React guides the user through the course. After successful completion, a PDF certificate is generated and sent to the user.