Tumor cell analysis

Tumor cell analysis

Application for scientific research

Releaseend 2018
TechnologiesHTML5, Sass, Javascript, Laravel

The aim of this study was to evaluate mammary carcinomas in domestic rabbits for immunohistochemical expression of myoepithelial markers. A solution was needed to be able to determine the intensity of the immune response objectively and automatically. For this purpose, after immunohistochemistry had been performed, representative localizations of the tumors were digitized photographically and evaluated.

My role

I have developed a Laravel based web application that allows the user to upload images to be analyzed. The application first of all corrects brightness variations and color gradients for each image. Then it creates a color histogram by scaling the image down and determining the color value for each pixel, after which the application calculates the proportion of each color value in the overall image as a percentage. Finally, the user can categorize each color to get the exact size of the immunpositive tumor area.